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Curriculum of Healing

Welcome to the Curriculum of Healing, a transformative program designed to empower change, foster growth, and cultivate resilience. Within this comprehensive curriculum, we offer three vital components:

Together, we embark on a journey that promotes a compassionate and inclusive society, equips you with knowledge and tools for personal development, and provides a safe space for survivors to heal and thrive.


It is part of RSI’s focus to provide appropriate advocacy for survivors of sexual abuse by challenging institutions for more transparency and honesty in reporting and responding to situations of historical child sexual abuse. RSI also pledges to work with legal firms and lawyers to enhance the communication between the survivor and the lawyer. Navigation of the legal system can be extremely challenging for the survivor, especially when retraumatizing occurs on various levels simply because the issue is being revisited. Lastly, RSI is committed to advocating our political bodies and representatives for enhanced assistance, such as improved resources for addiction recovery and the inclusion of trauma counselling under provincial health programs. It is the obligation of RSI to take every opportunity to present the issues surrounding this very emotional and sensitive topic to the general public and interested groups, in a respectful and informative way. This is accomplished through social media, radio, TV, print media and special events. Seeking a “Best Way” practice that will inform and challenge without overwhelming is the objective, and is viewed as an ever changing and evolving practice.


RSI will produce written publications, and host and facilitate gatherings, conferences, and events to further promote the issue of sexual abuse recovery and the message of hope to as many survivors as our message can reach. It is common practice for RSI to partner with like agencies to empower the message and expand the target audience.


RSI has established and currently maintains a weekly men’s group on a zoom platform. A women’s group is in the planning stages. In addition, RSI will create and establish support groups where a specific need is identified and will ensure the survivor to survivor connection is the focus of the facilitation of these support groups.

RSI will dedicate all resources available to ensure no survivor goes without support and assistance if they choose. These resources include but are not limited to financial, emotional, and spiritual assistance; clinical counselling; and legal representation.

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