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When I heard about Lisa Browning’s Root’s &  Wings initiative for mental health awareness and empowerment, I felt excitement right down to my core. I am a child and youth counsellor and have been working with teachers and health care practitioners for 8 years; I’m well aware of the challenges that communities face and I think Lisa’s vision to work with elementary school children, high school students
and adults is very timely.

I’ve been following Lisa’s career relating book projects, conferences, and special events and there seems to be no limits to what she can accomplish. Her dedication to supporting communities is admirable and I consider her a woman of integrity who is an effective leader in creating positive changes. I stand by her work and am honoured to know her.


Amber McAuley

Author and Communications Coach

Creativity and empowerment are two of the greatest tools we have for cultivating compassion and understanding around mental health. Given Lisa's passion and expertise there's no doubt that she will make a positive impact in the community through the Roots & Wings initiative. I have personally witnessed Lisa bring the community together both in person and via online platforms and personally look forward to seeing this initiative evolve and flourish!

Natalie Daley

Program Director, Art with Impact Canada

With more and more evidence indicating that youth and adolescent mood disorders can continue on into lifelong depression and anxiety disorders, it is very important to start understanding at an early age what mental health is and how it affects or lives. Writing and creating are excellent ways to express ourselves as well as to explore some aspects of ourselves in a way that we may not otherwise explore. I believe Lisa's experience in editing and publishing make her very well qualified to teach and guide these creative processes, and her heart for helping will ensure that Roots & Wings keeps going in the right direction.


Clay Williams

Ultra Runner, Mental Health Advocate

Creativity is a quality that is innate within us all; a quality that can construct a unique connectedness between people and be a catalyst in one's journey to recovery. As a person with lived experience, Lisa has the empathy and compassion to help young people discover their creativity, and help foster creativity in adults for whom this quality has waned. By nurturing creativity, it encourages and provides the space to give voice to those who are often marginalized yet have so much value.

Marcey Gray

Program Coordinator, Canadian Mental Health Association - Waterloo Wellington Dufferin

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